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Hiring a tree company can be a challenging task. In the Bronx far to many people running around with a chain saw, and a beat up pickup truck claim to be tree companies, but asking these 5 questions below can help you cut out the wannabies and help you find a true tree expert.


1. Do they have the equipment to do the job right?

There are a number of fly by night tree service companies working in the Bron that are little more than a few guys, a chainsaw, and a pickup truck. These types of ‘Tree Companies’ are going to have a hard time completing the job, as they just don’t have the equipment to safely and properly provide the tree services professionals can.


2. Can they provide a certificate of insurance showing they carry both workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance?

This is the question most tree service companies pray you’ll never ask, as very little so called tree companies in the Bronx carry both workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance.

Never allow tree service work to be completed on your property, unless the company providing the service can prove they have adequate insurance coverage. Insist that they provide a Certificate of Insurance from their insurance company showing both workmen’s compensation and general liability coverage and make sure that they list you as the certificate holder, or disaster may follow!


3. Will they show up on time and complete the work on schedule?

Some tree companies arrive hours or even days late for your appointment. When you call to ask where they are and when they’re coming, you’re stuck talking to a voice mail machine, and sometimes the job can drag on for weeks, or months.

At Able Tree Care we respect your time. We show up when we say we will and complete your work on schedule. (And if you do call with a question or a concern, you’ll always talk to a live person who will assist you.)

4. Will they clean up their mess?

Clean up after tree work was the number one customer concern of property owners as far too many tree companies leave behind a mess, which can be a hasard, and cost you additional money to haul off. We don’t. When we finish the job, we clean your property as if it were our own property.


5. Can the tree company provide references?

As a rule, you should ask tree service companies for three customer references of recent work done in your area. Reputable firms will have no problem providing references of satisfied customers, and if they dodge this question you know there is big trouble lurking.

For over 30 years of serving the Bronx and the surrounding areas, we have performed thousands of jobs, caring for countless trees on golf courses, apartment complexes and public property; and on properties just like yours. At your request, we will provide at least three references with your estimate, as part of your tree care bid proposal.

We are your top rated Bronx Tree Company.