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Stump Grinding Services Bronx NY

Tree Stumps are the unsightly leftovers of a cut down tree usually found on either commercial property or in someone’s front or back yard. Many of them come from people who have cut down the tree themselves or ended up hiring an inexperienced or unlicensed company to provide tree removal. If there’s still a stump there – this means that tree removal job was only 75% done. Stumps can be dangerous as well as unsightly. There is always a risk of someone tripping over a stump or its’ roots and getting injured. It’s in best practice toward the value of your home or business and the safety of those around to get rid of those stumps.

There are a number of options available to you, but only one is recommended. The first available is that you can spread fertilizer and soil on top of the stump, wait it out for 8-12 months till the stump is soft and decaying and try to remove it yourself with an ax. Because this process is extremely time consuming, requires a lot of effort, and in the end it doesn’t always work even, we don’t recommend it. The second removal process would involve using chemicals designed to increase the decaying process. This is not available everywhere, nor is it guaranteed. Putting a chemical into your ground might also be against the law in certain areas, so make sure you either speak to a licensed professional or check town/city laws. This method would take 3 to 4 months. Again, not the best approach. The third and best option is to hire a tree service company to arrive with industrial stump grinding equipment and remove all of those stumps quickly and easily.

We have many years of experience using stump grinding equipment and only follow the strictest safety regulations. The plus for you is that the work will be done in no-time and your stump problems can soon be history!

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